Midwest to the Wild West

Jackson Hole, Yellowstone Nat'l Park & Grand Teton Nat'l Park Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park was the ultimate destination - to see my twin sister who took a summer job in the restaurant.  The trek from Indianapolis to the Wild West is one that every Midwesterner should make. Quick Tips & Lessons Learned: Weather… Continue reading Midwest to the Wild West


Communicating in Sync

Nicole Johnson - Vice President of Social Media, Synchrony Financial Nicole Flowers Johnson, Vice President of Social Media at Synchrony Financial, has her hand in building and overseeing Synchrony’s corporate brand and social media strategy. Before her venture with Synchrony, she endured failures and successes while exploring careers ranging from local news to corporate communication.… Continue reading Communicating in Sync

Clinton Crisis

http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/28/politics/hillary-clinton-email-timeline/index.html Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been a publicly broadcasted crisis since 2008 and has haunted her all the way to the unfortunate ending of her 2016 presidential campaign. The nine year span of the crisis allowed for missteps in the handling of the controversy. Though the scandal is multi-faceted and complex, the PR strategy… Continue reading Clinton Crisis

Public Relation Station

PRSSA Public Relations Student Society of America. A society of aspiring public relations professionals dispersed among 300 college chapters around the world. A PRSSA member looks like a young adult who is interested in advancing their knowledge in the public relations field. They can expect to follow the organization’s strategic plan to develop the budding generation… Continue reading Public Relation Station

The 5 Commandments of an Effective Public Relations Campaign

The Public Relations world demands a strategic course of action to be taken in order for a campaign to ultimately, be deemed successful. Though the steps can seem multi-faceted and a bit confusing, following these 5 “commandments” can help grasp a comprehensive understanding of the process and create a polished campaign! Clearly Outline Goals Establish… Continue reading The 5 Commandments of an Effective Public Relations Campaign