Public Relation Station


Public Relations Student Society of America. A society of aspiring public relations professionals dispersed among 300 college chapters around the world.

A PRSSA member looks like a young adult who is interested in advancing their knowledge in the public relations field. They can expect to follow the organization’s strategic plan to develop the budding generation professionals. Through membership, leadership and service, PRSSA instills in its members the all-encompassing values of not only a PR professional but a leader in ethics and diversity.

Membership Benefits


I always hear that experience is what gets you the job. “A high GPA can only get you so far,” said every speaker at every conference (eye roll). It seems a little unsettling and nerve-racking (to me at least) that what I need to do to gain experience isn’t written out in front of my like my education always has been. However, I can say with confidence that that resources offered by PRSSA, in the scope of gaining experience, comforts my fears. The website alone, offers tips to internship openings and detailed advice. Being a PRSSA member alone, can make you eligible for an internships and scholarships. Members of a PRSSA chapter have the opportunity to take on a leadership role, in their field of study that is applicable to a professional public relations setting.


Networking is another topic that makes some people nervous – but we all know it’s necessary. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part, but PRSSA to the rescue, again. The PRSSA faculty advisor works closely with the chapter and becomes a close friend and valuable resource to their members. As the networking chain begins, the members are introduced into regional conferences and local PR events that supply remarkable speakers and develop professional skills with PR Professionals and members from other chapters. PRSSA hosts the largest gathering of PR students in the country at the yearly National Conference.

Internships & Jobs

PRSSA is a tool that sets up members for life beyond graduation. Members are provided with exclusive internship and job centers in which employers actively seek because of the accredited history of students.

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