The 5 Commandments of an Effective Public Relations Campaign

The Public Relations world demands a strategic course of action to be taken in order for a campaign to ultimately, be deemed successful. Though the steps can seem multi-faceted and a bit confusing, following these 5 “commandments” can help grasp a comprehensive understanding of the process and create a polished campaign!

Clearly Outline Goals

Establish why the company is reaching out to the media.

Is the goal to…

Increase attraction to customers? Showcase the company? Introduce a product?

Be strategic in defining the message you want to deliver. These three questions to consider from the 4 Simple Steps to a Solid PR Pitch Strategy article on offer a cut-and-dry outline to create a clear goal.

  • Who is your ultimate customer?
  • What message(s) do you want to deliver to that customer?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?

Understand the Audience

The goals of your message will define your audience. In turn, you must research your audience and gain understanding of what will appeal to them and create targeted and intriguing content. This will also establish the most effective outlet in which the material should be published.

Create Appealing Content

Do your research and know what will intrigue your audience. Being in touch with current news and trends is a must in the industry. This will aid in establishing content that will grab attention.

Be Thoughtful When Choosing a Media Outlet

Your message is either best suited for a mass broadcast or narrow pitch. It all depends on your audience and what is appealing to them! Find the outlet that leads you to your desired audience – don’t always go for the biggest and so-called best publications – there are many options to consider.

Think About the Company & Customer Relationship

Never lose sight in the fact that the outcome of the campaign should always yield forward progress for the company.

Photo Credit: TED Conference Flickr via Compfight cc



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