Communicating in Sync

Nicole Johnson – Vice President of Social Media, Synchrony Financial

Nicole Flowers Johnson, Vice President of Social Media at Synchrony Financial, has her hand in building and overseeing Synchrony’s corporate brand and social media strategy. Before her venture with Synchrony, she endured failures and successes while exploring careers ranging from local news to corporate communication. Nicole furthered her education at Northern Arizona University where she attained a dual degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communication. I was lucky enough to interview and connect with Nicole, as she is a family friend. Her journey as a communication professional epitomizes her commitment and dedication to her career.

For Nicole, a typical work day first requires a thorough assessment of industry and national news in addition to industry competitors’ activity, in order to keep editorial calendars current and accurate. Though she can usually expect to spend time in executive meetings, she can count on her dynamic management of a current campaign or reviewing the vast in-market activity to create excitement. Her days can become unpredictable but are dictated by the needs of her social media audience. Nicole has noticed a change in her field beyond the tangible and visible differences in technology – consumers are looking for a more personal and intimate sender to receiver form of communication. To combat this evolution, Nicole has implemented a real-time communications approach to her company’s businesses strategy. Nicole developed the foundation of Synchrony’s social media program which included defining social personas, understanding the target audience, establishing a messaging platform and creating content that promotes recognition. Of course, Synchrony is present among all major social outlets, but I was initially impressed with Synchrony’s multi-faceted, yet simple division of News, Support and Career Twitter accounts. The consideration for audience accessibility is evident.

Nicole works for a company that encourages collaboration and innovative thinking. A candidate who is eager to learn in addition to applying their knowledge is most appealing to her company. The candidate should be at least qualified, but rather, more interested in improving the company.

A constructive bit of advice from a professional who has experience with personal advancement and resulting clout in the corporate communications industry.



Connect with Nicole on Linkedin.


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